The wrong way to socially distance. Plus, Kermit and Miss Piggy need to get a room.

The correct way to socially distance.

The VBC will start leading rides again after this health emergency is over. In the meantime, we are unified by doing our part to keep our physical distance. Team work makes the dream work! Stay healthy, everyone!

Pop quiz: you’re down to your last roll of toilet paper and Mr. Mood Disorder is knocking at your door, begging to be medicated. You want to hop on your bike to the store and clear your head, but how do you avoid the unwashed masses? For a born misanthrope like me, social distancing is second nature. I bring you:

Tips for Cycling during Covid 19 or Be Contrarian- Ride when and where others aren’t.

  1. Go early. There’s a world of difference between starting at 8am and 10am. Car and bike traffic are both less busy the earlier you go.
  2. Avoid shared paths. The CVG becomes a cycling and pedestrian superhighways on sunny days. Ride on the street so you can give and receive the 6ft distance recommended. There’s less car traffic in general, another reason to stick to the streets.
  3. Avoid bridges. Are you tired of some unitard-wearing mouth-breather trying to pass you on the Lions Gate Bridge? Ride somewhere bridgeless, for the same as the above reason. Exceptions include going southbound on Burrard bridge and Cambie Bridge northbound.
  4. Ride in the Rain. You’ll have the road pretty much to yourself. If you don’t ride in the rain, dear Vancouverite, you just don’t ride.
  5. Keep it Short. Unrelated to crowds, your usual stops for bathroom breaks may not be open, so plan your ride accordingly. Pack a snack and enough water.
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