LOVE of cycling IN THE TIME OF COVID – Update November 29

Stay safe as you combat Covid 15, the average weight gained in captivity. This is not the time to let down your guard! VBC members may be asked to follow the Covid safety recommendations below. Note that the club is NOT covered for Covid-related illnesses acquired on a ride, so complying is an act of courtesy to fellow members and ride leaders.

RISK FACTOR RATING – How safe is your ride?

1 Solo rides. VERY SAFE

2 Small group rides with family members or close contacts. LIKELY SAFE

3 Small group rides with individuals other than family members and close contacts. CAN BE RISKY. (Risk can be mitigated with basic risk management guidelines and procedures in place.)

4 Large group rides open to the general public and/or with individuals other than family members and close contacts.RISKY (May not be allowed in some jurisdictions.)


1 All riders should be symptom free for at least 14 days prior to any ride.

2 Consider conducting temperature checks before rides.

3 Consider having riders complete a brief medical questionnaire. Individuals with flu-like symptoms or preexisting medical conditions should be discouraged not to participate.


1 Ensure riders are aware of the proper physical distancing policies and procedures. Note:USACycling recommends riding side-by-side or more than 20 feet behind.

2 Riders should be encouraged not to draft and only pass other riders if necessary.

3 Riders should maintain physical distancing during breaks.

4 Ensure Ride Leaders brief all riders of the safety policies and procedures prior to each ride.


1 Consider ensuring all riders wear a cloth face mask during the ride.

2 Riders should be reminded to avoid touching their mouth,nose,face, and eyes.

3 Riders should be encouraged to wash their hands with warm soapy water for at least

20 seconds prior to the ride and carry hand sanitizers with them during the ride.

4 Riders should avoid sharing tools, water bottles or food.

5 Riders should be informed not to spit on rides or around other riders.

6 Riders should be reminded of the proper cough and sneeze etiquette.