The Ride:  We will start at Lafarge Lake–Douglas skytrain station. Go over the Pitt bridge and then follow Dewdney Trunk road to almost Stave lake. We could go up to the Abbey in Mission, but it’s a pretty good climb. We’ll come back via the Lougheed and Pitt Meadows airport to Braid skytrain.

Bring tools/spares in case of flats. Ride cancellation will be posted 3 hours before the start of the ride.

Start time: 9:00AM

Route and distance: click here

Ride coordinator: Colin


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One Response to “Sunday June 9 – Back road to Mission -MEDIUM”
  1. teresaot says:

    Many thanks to Colin for leading 5 of us out on this very scenic ride. We did not go up to the Abbey, nor did we go down to Stave Lake, but there were hills and long stretches for cruising along Lougheed and United Blvd. Sadly, Billy Miner was closed for a special event, so we had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant in Maple Ridge. Kelly taught us how to eat quickly by closing off one nostril and inhaling forcefully with the other. Why chew? The others rode home, and I was the only one to Skytrain home. David logged a century, and not the metric kind.

    Enjoy the photo. No time to take pics, too busy pedaling:

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