Saturday July 16- Lynden Medium

Update July 12th: Meeting time changed to 9am to accommodate transit users.

Tired of high gas prices? Load the jerry cans onto your bike racks and line your panniers with garbage bags for this ride in search of cheap gas. Just kidding. Maybe. A more attractive reason to cross the border is to explore Whatcom County’s scenic country roads in Washington state, culminating in Lynden’s Raspberry Festival. If we make good time, we might even enjoy their pancake fundraiser breakfast, classic car show and shine, and basketball tourney. This ride is weather-dependent; expect cancellation in the event of rain. Keep your eye on the website for updates.

Bring: a reliable bike, tools for flats, and ability to use them. Passport or Nexus card to enter and, more importantly, exit the US. Your Arrivecan app info. completed before you leave the house. US dollars for pancake fundraiser/food and drink. If it’s hot, have enough water to carry you through half the ride.

Meet: 9AM in Blaine, outside the chamber of commerce, 546 Peace Portal Dr. next to the Starbucks. Free parking all along this street.

Route: click here, about 70km depending on route. Expect headwinds going west. Pace will be mid 20’s km/hr on the flats. Biobreak at 25km mark.

RSVP the leader: Teresa