The Ride: This ride falls on Valentine’s Day, an apt celebration of my love affair with food. Sorry Cam, you have not been overlooked. Ever wonder what “banchan” is? Have you ever wanted to shout “bibimbap” and not sound crazy? You can on this ride. To continue with a cyclist’s favourite theme, the rolling bellies are headed into Burnaby/New Westminster for Korean food this week. The terrain will be mostly road, with unpaved sections of the Central Valley Greenway. The pace will be leisurely, the distance is easy, but there are a couple of good climbs. Road bike tires will be fine. Lunch will be at Insadong restaurant. Family style dining is likely unless the majority states otherwise.

Route: click here

Meet: At JJ’s Coffee East 6th and Commercial at 1000AM.

Distance: 52 km

Ride coordinator: RSVP Teresa  required for restaurant seating.

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  1. teresaot says:

    7 of us wended our way through 5 cities and perfect riding weather for this Valentine’s Day meal. It wasn’t easy riding the whole way, but the food was enjoyed by all. Colin and Dorothy were good Samaritans, helping out an injured bystander in need. Thanks to all those who came out!

    Here are some photos from the ride:

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