Let’s ride out to the Milltown Pub in Richmond but it’s actually in Vancouver. We will go out along York to UBC and then onto  SW Marine which is a roadie’s dream stretch. Wear something green or ride a green bike to honour St. Patrick! On our return journey, to work off the pint or two, we will go along 59th to Nanaimo/Slocan. The home stretch back to the Village will be on the CVG.

Meet:  Terra Breads on Manitoba, Olympic Village

Time:  10 AM

Pace:  Rolling speed low 20’s

Ride Co-ordinator: Faye

2 Responses to “March 17 Ride to Milltown – Leisure”
  1. Robert S says:

    Thanks Faye for putting together such a great ride in awesome weather! Great to see old friends again – and some new (to me) faces. Hope to be out again in 3 weeks 🙂

  2. Faye L says:

    We were transported into a British spy movie at Milltown where we were assigned a number. Gwyn aka No. 6 and his side kick No. 7 had a gastronomic adventure along with the rest of the supporting cast. Our mission varied after lunch. Some went West. A few headed East and one went South. A good time was enjoyed by all – mission accomplished!

    Thank you to everyone (11 at the start) for coming out and for wearing green, though no green bike.

    A photo from the mission:

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