Let’s go to Milltown…but the long way. We will head east on the CVG to Hume Park. Then west through New Westminster and Richmond along River Road. The last stretch will take us over the Canada Line bridge.

Meet: 6th and Commercial

Time: 9 AM

Ride Co-ordinator: Faye

3 Responses to “Sunday May 5 Ride to Milltown – Leisure”
  1. Sharon L says:

    Sorry I lost you. Had a great ride nevertheless. Forgot the restaurant was Miltown. A few other glitches as well.
    No matter, nice to see everyone and enjoy great cycling weather. Thanks.

  2. teresaot says:

    A whopping 16 riders came out on this lovely ride out via the CVG which offered water views of Still Creek and Brunette River. On the way back west we faced a stiff head wind. At the Canada Line bridge, we were overtaken by a band of cruiser-riding, masked Mexican wrestlers. That’s one solution for sun protection. We lost one rider, but she got back safely. At Milltown we buried ourselves into good food. Yum! Many thanks to Faye for leading this ride.

    Enjoy the photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/mo5fVhcRJvHJUoEo8

  3. Faye L says:

    Thank you all for coming out for the ride! Thank you to Pat for pulling me along River Road. I was beginning to travel backwards! Thank you to Teresa for sweeping. I am glad Sharon make it home safely. A warm welcome to Jim and Jeff. Hoping to see everyone soon!

    More photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/AjpMFvX1NqVMN9jf7

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