Saturday August 29 -Harrison Century Day Tour

No quibbling about the definition of century here: this ride is 100 miles. There’s no better way to mark the end of Covid Summer and really test the fitness you’ve built up over the season. This will be my first century that I lead. What could possibly go wrong? Having to call corn maze search and rescue? Asking directions from one of the Bacon brothers? It’s a long day to spend in my company. Look deep in yourself and ask if you’re ready for that kind of ordeal. Biobreaks will be 20-40km apart. There are places to buy take out food (with a meal stop in Chilliwack), but bring your own too. Also, you will need a couple of water bottles, tools, a reliable bike sporting your favourite pizza cutters. It’s all pavement, but some routes are heavily trafficked and narrow. Expect big headwinds westbound. Riders need to be members in good standing. RSVP the leader to ensure there’s space.

Meet: 830AM at 7340 Horne St, Mission. It’s a side street next to the Tim Hortons.

Route: click here

RSVP the leader: Teresa

Update Aug 30: Not sure why the comments aren’t working, so I’ll respond in the post. Two other riders joined me on this challenging ride, and I’m grateful they did. David kept the speed reasonable, and Colin unfurled his cape, taking the lead whenever headwinds arose, which is pretty much everything westbound. None of my worst fears were realized: nobody spontaneously combusted, sending flaming body parts into the fields and ruining someone’s corn maze fun. The key is multiple breaks, preferably with ice cream. Then on home for rest, recovery, and maybe a lobotomy. Seriously though, this ride rewards with big views and lots of variety. Enjoy the pics: