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Meet at the end of  the  skytrain (Lafarge Lake/Douglas) for  a ride in the sun  to beautiful Alouette Lake. The lunch spot is tentatively set for the Black Sheep on the way back, but if I’m open to suggestions.


Route: click here

Meet: Lafarge Lake/Douglas Skytrain station at 9:30.

Distance: 70km

Ride coordinator:  Colin

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The ride leaves from Terra Breads near seance world (that dark arts place) over the  Lions Gate bridge and then along Marine Drive to Horseshoe Bay. Stop for a bite (MMMM! Fish and Chips.) and then return via the same route. We do not follow Andrea’s route that seemed to alternate between Marine and the Upper levels. This makes for a flat route, (I think, anyone know of any hills along Marine?)






Meet: At the Olympic Village Terra Breads at 10:00

Route:  Click HERE

Distance:  Approx. 65 km. round trip

Ride coordinator:  colin

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